StarzRP | Serious RP | UK/EU | Active staff | custom cars | custom scripts | legal/illegal jobs | toko voip | Controler supported | whitelisted jobs | new community

Welcome to StarzRP founded by Kyle Python, Kelly Jones, Crafty Witch and Craig. we created this community because we want everyone to have a fun and positive RP experiance, we are a new community and we have full time active staff and many features-

here are some of our features

  • police job
  • EMS
  • mechanics
  • Active car dealers
  • Realestate
  • Multi character system
  • Lockable doors
  • Extended PD
  • multi public garage system
  • Custom and vanilla cars
  • legal and illegal jobs
  • gangs
  • map addons
  • Sons Of Anarchy MC
  • drugs and booze scripts
  • many custom scripts and many more to come

why we created StarzRP and can anyone join?

StarzRP was created by 4 bestfriends who share a passion in RP and wanted to create a community thats fun and friendly for everyone to enjoy, we all played on other servers in the past and knew what we wanted from those communitites so we banded together to make starZ, we pride ourselves in trying to build a positive family like atmosphere and we encorage our community to bring new ideas and features to the table to make the RP more immersive, we also have a custom dev working around the clock to bring new and individual scripts to make the experiance more real. we are open to the public so anyone is welcome to join our community if you are serious about RP, we try to bring the best quality in RP for the best and fun experiance, join our website today over at or join our discord we are still a work in progress and slowly expanding our community, please feel free and come and share the experiance with us and watch starz grow

if you would like to join the server and see for yourself head to direct connect and type (please note you will require TS3 and toko voip plugin) if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and if you require any help with toko voip all our staff is more than happy to help get you set up with it and explane how it all works, just join our discord and open a ticket or feel free to message/email myself