[Standalone] vojtik_afk (afk on server with style!)

Today I’m releasing script, that I have no idea why would anyone ever use, but yeh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Script is kinda optimised - (0.01 ms idle, 0.06 ms when drawing text)
  • Works with OneSync ON and LEGACY
  • Guess it’s completely useless ._.


/afk [reason] -- turns on afk
/afk -- turns off afk status
Admins: - you have to specify admins in server.lua (here)
afkid [id] [reason] -- turns on afk for specified id
afkid [id] -- turns off afk status

Installation instructions can be found on Git → Readme
GitHub Link: Click me!

Thank you for your time spent reading this thread! :mascot:


Good timing on this considering someone put up the exact same thing a thread before this, but it’s behind a paywall. Lol. Hopefully people find use of this :slight_smile:


Thank you so much to share free

This Resource is very good! Can you explain me how i put the text more high above the players heads please :smiley:

Sup @Frosty_Zockt you can do it easily by increasing Z vector number on this line:

basically coords.z + 2.0 for example

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Thx bro nice. you sayd “Guess it’s completely useless ._.” but i have to tell you its not. Its very good script. i changed the command from /afk to /soup and if someone come in Support Channel he can write /soup reason so other players can ignore them. Would be cool if admins could set others users like /soup (/afk) id reason. :smiley:

Thank you for your idea!
I’ve added command “afkid”
afkid [id] [reason or blank]
So admins on your server can set some player as afk
more info in main post

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Hey really good support and a nice Dev. Thanks for adding it works perfect on our server! Btw those event names are super funny :joy:

I think you should add

  • Does not take any damage.
  • Water, food is not reduced.
  • Freeze the player unable to move. including when being hit by a car.

Hey, thank you for your improvement ideas.

  1. I would have to create config file, because not everyone would like that ped is invincible.
  2. script is standalone, so idk how to do that :man_shrugging:
  3. disabling control is planned

I think you should probably do both.

Your release is awesome. :heart_eyes_cat:

is there a way to add a cooldown with this command so someone cant just kill /afk

Hello what i need to change to set admins via Rockstar License to make /afkid work with latest ESX Legacy? :smiley: