[STANDALONE] Very simple animated loading screen

Hello community,

I want to share something with you. I see a lot of similar loading screens on large amount of server so I decided to share something with you.
I hope that you will like it. Don’t be cruel this is my second post here so I would like to hear all suggestions and tips maybe how to improve. :slight_smile:

This is fully editable. You can change day/night by clicking on sun/moon. Also you can start/stop music with space bar.

Thanks and have a good day.

GitHub Link
loading2.rar (3.5 MB)


Hi! Nice work :wink:
Any preview video?

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Hello, unfortunately currently I don’t have preview video, but I will try to record one in couple of hours and upload it :slight_smile:


do i replace music or musicc to change the song?

Music, sorry i will edit file now, musicc is old file

that’s ok thanks for the info, im searching for different backgrounds and animated gifs right now, was just wondering. Thanks for all the hard work!

here is a cop car that might fit the pixel art better,

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Uh nice, ill update the link very soon with this one :slight_smile:

test it once also, im not 100% a computer wizard I’m 99.9% sure I did it correctly

loading222.rar (3.5 MB)
Try this

works great in the browser, art styles don’t match 100% i’ll share what I settle on,


I think this is the new background I want to try but it crops the top off to low . I modified the original of this , its hard to find matching stuff of course

Its gonna be easier for you to edit css file and make it work :slight_smile:

sure thing i’ll learn css real fast :slight_smile: thanks for the hard work!

hi bro your work is amazing,
but i have a problem how can i add a custom image?

like a logo !!

Should i make a version with logo placeholder?

yeah you should

it should be updated now

Looking fire thanks a lot! However quick question, how could I make it so if you press space you can turn off the music? Not really handy with this, if this isn’t a feature yet ofcourse.

Nvm just read the code, ignore my message :smiley: