[Standalone][v1.1] Vehicle Control Menu (WIP)

i solved that problem with what @BackToBasicsStudio said about the compatibility mode

same here the script needs a bit of optimization

Another thing that i dont know if it’s supposed to do or not, it’s when you are driving your vehicle without seatbelt, if you press P two times while driving (if you turn off the engine, and press again to turn on) it ejects me from the vehicle.

that’s apart of another script, not ours, might want to look into your resources to find whats causing that.

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Compatibility mode worked perfect thanks!

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I cant use the lock/unlock Doors, its disabled, and how does the baitcar system works? Am I missing something? other than that, amazing job, looks clean and works great

If it’s disabled it’s because its a work in progress. The baitcar system has been abandoned and the code for it will be removed in the next update.The vehicle lock and unlock should be implemented in one of the next few updates. If I see some interest I may make a separate bait-car system with a similar UI style.

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Those features would be amazing, I´ll keep track. Thanks 4 sharing btw

Thanks for amazing job, this was exactly what we needed. I translated it into danish, hope you dont mind?

looking thur the coding I couldn’t find a way to change the key binds for u and p can you help me real quick thank you

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you need to go into the client.lua and it is at the very top of the code

local parKey = 199 is P
and local saveKey = 303 is U

just change them to what you want them to be using this to find the controls

great thank you!