[Standalone Release] Door Locks

How do I make it so anyone can unlock doors. Using it for my FivePD server with friends

Add the ace permission to everyone so like this add_ace builtin.everyone doorlocks.allow allow

How Would I add double doors? For example the front doors of Mission Row PD.

Anywhere, it shouldn’t matter as long as it’s in your server.cfg

Last question, How Would I add double doors? For example the front doors of Mission Row PD.

You would just add both doors seperately, there’s no full double door support.

When I unlock door and i get white boarder

is there a ways to fix that

I have Gabz mrpd and locked the doors. Open all the door ytd in open IV and figure out the names of the doors.

Would it be possible to add a part where you can lock pick the door for example, it would pop up with a mingame.

Hey I’ve been up for about 2 hours and it’s about 11:29 whilst I’m typing this. But! I have 0 clue on how to add Ace Perms? Do I do it via vMenu? server.cfg? Badgers ace perms? I have no clue how to setup badgers ace perms as well if it were to be that one as well. Help would be much loved

Wow really cool for people that having their own Framework like me

config (1).lua (6.2 KB)

Hey guys! I got the script working perfectly in my server ( Thank you Creator ) but i was wondering, is it possible to change the door lock script and make certain locks only be openable be a certain tag? Like if i Make a door lock for a house, how do i make it to where ONLY the owner can open it? with the correct discord tag of course.
As said before, just wondering if its possible.