STANDALONE | Redzone and Greenzone script with speed limiter for FiveM!

this resource does not work proper for me
i am in a green zone and i still can shoot or die
no god mode etc
what i miss ?

Check if you have errors. Most likely something is interfering or you installed it wrong.

no errors either in F8 or live console

i don’t know why but this script limit the car speed at 47kmh.
i changed speed in c_m_gz but not work,
i commented out 14,15 and 59 but still limited speed.

47km/h is I believe the default speed for when you are inside of a greenzone. It should only apply this when you are in a greenzone.

how can i disbale speed limits?please tell me if you know.

Not sure whether u can easily disable it, you could just put it to a really large number that in reality no one would hit.

these either arent standalone or they are broken. completely bugged on qbccore.

I havent seen a single piece of qbcore code, however if you look at the code of my script you can see its using the fivem framework and is not in need of any other server framework. Maybe a “standard” qbcore resource is clashing with mine? I have no clue, I don’t know qbcore.

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Yeah not working on qbcore for me, no sign of QBcore code

lovely script, issue i have … when i enter safe zone then exit i am immune to other players and i can not damage them, i do /kill to kill myself and then i can be hurt again