[Standalone] [Paid] Sit Anywhere

Hm… really weird. Do you have any errors server side (in the server console) when restarting/starting the script? You could also try to just do ensure sit instead of restart sit, in case it hasn’t started in the first place.

It’s also perfectly fine getting support here, it’s what the forums are meant to be used for :smile:


I do see now that it say "you do not have the entitlement to star sit’
I am set as a admin/god I do not see anywhere in the server config to set server owner.

The owner of the server key (sv_licenseKey) is who will be set as the owner of the server. Is your account the owner of the server key?

I see that in the server config but that was automatically filled out when I set up qbcore with my server host. Where do I get my own key?

Go to keymaster (https://keymaster.fivem.net/) and generate a server key there. Take the key you get and put it in the server.cfg (or equivalent) like this: sv_licenseKey keystring

That’s all it took!
Thanks for the amazing help!!

All good! Always happy to help! :grin:

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Hi, how should I go about adding a place to sit? I can only sit on the bench right now, I want my players to be able to sit on the couch in the house, how should I do that?


I posted a mini “guide” on how to add new models/polys here: [Standalone] [Paid] Sit Anywhere - #15 by MadsL.

Quick tip: Find out if the couch is dynamic or not. If it is, then follow the models part of the guide, else follow the poly part.

I hope that helps,


MadsL via Cfx.re Community <[email protected]> 于2022年7月29日周五 23:19写道:

Do you think you could add support for les diables mrpd it would help a lot

I would have loved to have added support for that MLO, but it’s a paid one (understandably), so I don’t have a copy of it. If you wish to add the seats yourself then you could follow the guide I made here: [Standalone] [Paid] Sit Anywhere - #15 by MadsL

would it be possible to do it through my files maybe im not sure

Anyone Got the cords for the chairs for “breze_court” MLO , i tried everything and can not get some of the seats to work.

Hi I get this issue any ideas?

That’s a lot of errors! I’ll take them one by one:

No such export RaycastCamera in resource qb-target
Are you running the latest qb-target? And is qb-target started before the sit script (you have renamed it qb-sit I believe). qb-target is supposed to have RaycastCamera as an export (qb-target/client.lua line 116).

No such export SendAlert in resource mythic_notify
If you don’t use mythic notify then you’ll have to set Config.UseNativeNotifiactions to true or add your own notification event/export at line 43 in client.lua.

error object is not a string and attempt to index a nil value (upvalue ‘data’)
This is more complicated, try to resolve the first issue on this list and see if that helps. If not, then just reach out again and I’ll try to assist.

Sorry for not responding right away. Hope this helps,