[Standalone][PAID] Emergency Cars Pursuit Mode

BB Pursuit Mode

Preview : BB Development | blessed_pursuitmode - YouTube

Fully Customizable(Change vehicles, boost, keys, notifications)
Standalone(Works fine with any framework)

How to use pursuit mode?

  • Press LShift + Up Arrow to change vehicle’s pursuit mode to higher boost (A > S > S+)
  • Press LShift + Down Arrow to change vehicle’s pursuit mode to lower boost (S+ > S > A)

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*Encrypted with Fivem Asset Escrow System


– Update 1.1

Config.SecondKey option added.

If you enable it (true) you have to press firstkey + secondkey to change pursuit mode , disable it (false) if you want to change your pursuit mode with only one key.

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  • Update 1.2

Mode cycle updated from A > S > S+ to A > A+ > S > S+
Config option added to non pursuit vehicle can change mode to A+
Config error message option added about can’t change vehicle mode to upper than A+