[STANDALONE] [PAID] Custody Cell Buzzer & Cameras

Ever Wanted to Enhance your Custody Roleplay and Bring it to the next level? We have now created a script which does this! It will have Cameras within each cell (setup by you in the config file) followed by the buzzer placements in a .json file.

To be informed and here the sounds of the buzzers you must do /activeCustody. This will alert yourself and play the noise. To book off custody do /bookoffCustody. Upon the scripts restart / stop, start, it will reset the Active Custody. When the subject presses the buzzer, it will play an animation and play the noise for them. Should they press it 5 times, it will deactivate and they will no longer be able to use the buzzer.

The Cameras allow you to Press E at your chosen location where you can use the arrow keys to switch cameras, back space to stop viewing and WASD to move around.

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Lines (approximately) 296
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Support Yes


It was a great idea :clap::clap: