[STANDALONE]-Greek AntiStopper

Prevent your resource’s from being stopped from client side
Rename this resource to something irrelevant
Tebex Link: https://limited-shop.tebex.io/package/4434830
If someone stop’s a resource that is listed in your Config file he will get kicked from the server and logged
Config Below:

Config = {}
Config.DiscordHook = “” – Your Discord Webhook
Config.Miliseconds = 2000 – How many miliseconds to check if resource’s are stopped

Config.kick = true – if you want to kick player leave this false
Config.KickReason = “Resource Stopped” – Change if you want

Config.Command = “stopping” – if you want to stop a resource that is listed type this command first and then stop the resource

Config.Resources = { – add as many as you want

Config.CommandAllowed = { — who can use the command
[“steam:11000010e6782bc”] = true,


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