[Standalone] Football script

Dynamic football script + Ymap

  • Configurable fans (you can delete or add more)
  • Configurable blips on radar
  • 2 commands (spawn and delete the ball)
  • Synced with all players
  • Escrow active

Preview video: You-Tube

How to play tutorial:

  • left mouse: small pass for your self when you walk
  • left mouse + SHIFT: long pass for yourself when you run (for dribbling)
  • E: dribble with ball
  • E + SHIFT: more high dribble with small forward movement for the ball
  • R: small cross
  • R + SHIFT: Long cross
  • right mouse: slow the ball till stop the ball
  • Q (with ball moving): long pass
  • Q (whit ball stopped): take the ball with hands (for goalkeeper or referee)
  • X: medium shoot
  • X + SHIFT: Strong shoot

Future update:

  • Goal system (i need found a way to check if the ball go in the door)
  • Team system (Red and Blue system)
  • Match system with timer

I will record soon a video with a match 3v3 when my friends are available.
Hope you like it, have fun!

If you like it: Tebex


Wow, this is very well made, I would 100% buy this if I was still making a server.

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Thank you so much for your comment, happy to hear this :heart:

love at first sight, just bought it!

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Thank you so much mate

Very nice release :clap:t2: Bravo

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I have been waiting for a script like this for a while! Will be getting this one tomorrow!

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Thank you :heart:

Happy to hear this, Thank you :heart:

Could always make custom animations for this as well

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Yes, i was thinking about this, but at moment the smooth way to play a good match it’s without animation and without stop the movement of the player. From my experience a 3v3 match is very nice with this system, I hope to publish a demonstration video soon as possible with my friends

I guess I know where next paycheck is going :smiley:

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Any chance of developing American Football in the future? Would love to see some throws and tackles.

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This is a cooool idea, it’s in my to-do list right now :smile:

Instabuy bro. I will instabuy.