[Standalone & ESX] [Release] Flash Badge Script

How did you do this

I use 2 scripts. First at all tis script, that starts the animation. The second one is “esx_Policebadge”. That opens the menu with its choice to show your badge with ID to nearby players or on the screen. The Graphics for the badge are re-written and designed by myself.

At least i put some sequences into my TouchPortal, that starts different codes in a given time and thats it

Hey great script will come really in handy

I believe he streamed a custom badge and edited the positioning.

How would I add ace permissions? The example breaks the script, ESX is not in use. When I do not put the example ace stuff in and leave it stock and use the keybind it just says /+flashBadge and when I use /badge it says I am not leo. Any help please?

I am facing the same problem.

Hey guys! Been getting this pop up in my chat “/-flashBadge”. Can’t seem to get rid of it. Just want the command cheeers

That is for the keybind there is a way to disable that from popping up in the chat but do you want to disable just that or the keybind usage in general?

Hey. I disabled the keybind in the config. But it pops up in chat. Just looking on how to remove that command from popping up in chat when I press ‘g’. Cheers mate

I will get that fixed and push a new update out when I get the chance :slight_smile:

Absolute legend!