[STANDALONE/ESX/QB] [PAID] | eDiscordBoost - Reward your players for boosting your discord server!

eDiscordBoost - Reward your players for boosting your discord server !


  • Give rewards every x days to the players that are boosting your discord server
  • Time is configurable
  • Reward is configurable
  • Script linked directly to your discord server

What’s in config.lua ?

  • Bot Token
  • Discord Id
  • Role id
  • Time
  • Reward
  • Translations
  • Way you wanna send your notification (ESX, QB, Standalone)

PRICE: 7.19€ (Including taxes)
Buy Here

Additional details

  • Code is accessible: No (Config is accessible)
  • Subscription-based: No
  • Lines (approximately): +200
  • Requirements: mysql-async/async
  • Support: Yes

You haven’t included a download link.

Hello, I’m sorry, The link is now available :slight_smile:

Is this for every 1 boost, or will it recognize if the user boosted say 5 times so they get 5x the rewards?

It’s for very 1 boost

Love this script :heart_eyes:.

We tripled our discord boosts thanks to this ressource :ok_hand:

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Nice ^^

How does this work/trigger? Is there a command?

Hello, Sorry for the delay yes it is a command /boost

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Is it possible to set different rewards for different roles ?

Cant download it

pls make they buyable once

hello how i join u server pls