[Standalone] Emotes Script | Preview System

Advanced Emotes Script



[+] See the previews of the emotes before using!
[+] Save the emotes to favourites
[+] Save the emotes to quick access to use without opening the menu
[+] Easily configable
[+] Standalone!

You can buy this script from TEBEX ( https://atiysu.tebex.io/ )

Code Accessible There are Escrow and Source Code versions.
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 2000
Requirements Nothing
Support Yes and constant updates

nice script but when you going to add the prop pic thanks

We are working on it.

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please let me know when you guys done from all the emote pic so i can purchase thanks


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Why is the Frontend not Open Source, when purchasing the Open Source version?

Edit: Source is now available.

It is open. This script made with vue so there is a builded file and the source code of it.

There were 2 duplicate build files and no source when I downloaded it, probably by mistake. It currently says “This asset can’t be downloaded.” in keymaster. Can you check if everything was uploaded correctly? Appreciate the help!

Hey, i’ve uploaded it again and it’s working now. Sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you, everything is there now!

Edit: Probably the best emote menu I’ve used so far. Code is looking easy to work with as well. Highly recommend it!