[Standalone] chCasinoWall | Working Diamond Casino Video Walls

Does anyone know what the trigger should look like for Lua? I have been messing with this for quite a while and have been struggling with adding the trigger to my teleport script.

Thanks! :grinning:

I did end up finding this out on my own with a lot of trial and error. I am new to Lua so still learning a lot. for anyone that might be wondering the same, your trigger should look like this:


Also, I am not sure what MLO you guys are using to just have a teleport script set up for the Casino. It seems that most people are using the “Enterable Diamond Casino MLO” posted here:

Is there a better one to use for this? Otherwise, it would be very cool to just have that event trigger when a player walks in a “zone” around the casino. Not too sure how to implement something like that however…

It does work but this scrip requires you to add the server events manually like this:


which lua file should the trigger be added?

im using this casino GitHub - azusakawa/casino: casino

@alvinthatsme This script by its self does NOT make the walls work. You have to add triggers to other Casino related events to get them to turn on. For example, I have a spot that players can use to teleport into the casino. When they use the TP pad it also runs this event:


Then I also have other gambling-related games in the Casino. When players win any of the games I also have it trigger:


So long story short, you need to implement this resource with others to make it work. Also any triggers that I have set are run in the client.lua files.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try

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Really nice to see it. But since im Using this MLO right here: The Diamond Casino Enterable MLO

Which is in the Floor i dont know where to change thats its loading on the right coordinates then. And is it working with the Cayo Perico Build?

Has anybody made it working with casino interior that is not streamed (native one from gta, that is underground)? I don’t know if I have to load some other IPL or enable some sort of interior prop to make those TVs to work.