[STANDALONE] Car Stickers / Decals

Cost: €45.00 | $51.00 excl. VAT
Tebex URL: https://store.rcore.cz/package/4846889

Have you ever looked at your car thinking it looks boring? Say no more to that, here comes the ultimate car stickers script! Our script allows you to place stickers on your vehicle in game, not to mention it’s all multiplayer synced! It comes with 74 unique stickers and an option to add your own beautiful stickers. You can place, edit or remove them using our sophisticated sticker editor which allows you to rotate and scale the sticker, mirror it on the other side of the car and even lock the position so you can have a look from different angles! Start improving the looks of your car by typing /stickers in chat to open the main menu!


Adding custom stickers
All you need is an image of the sticker and OpenIV. Start by creating a .ytd file (texture dictionary) inside the stream folder which is located in the root folder of the script. Once you’ve got this done, all you need to do is import your stickers into that file and select DXT5 as a textures format. Then just go straight to the config, add them to their corresponding category and you are all set!


  • Multiplayer synced
  • Stickers can cost money
  • Option to add your own stickers
  • Rotating, scaling, mirroring and locking position of the sticker in the editor
  • Placing and editing of the stickers can be allowed only to players who either own the vehicle or have a specific job

Fully supports:

  • ESX/QBCore - Stickers can cost money, can be placed only on owned cars, uses framework’s native notifications
  • Custom - Stickers can cost money, can be placed on cars you allow them to be placed on, uses custom event for notifications
  • Standalone - (without framework) Stickers are free and can be placed on all cars, however, they’ll be removed once the vehicle gets deleted or the script gets restarted, default GTA notifications are used. Keep in mind, with ESX/QBCore enabled, stickers are saved to database.

Database drivers: MySQL-Async, OxMySQL

Idle - 0.01 to 0.1ms (depends on how many stickers are currently loaded around you)
In editor - 0.1ms to 0.2ms (depends on what features you are currently using)


Parts of the script are encrypted using Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources. Editable features include: Database and framework specific code, sticker textures, config, menu.

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We have over 100 positive reviews :slight_smile:
Our favorite customer testimonial - Madcat

So I had problems with the identity script initially because my server is just difficult for no reason xD and Xogos legit went above and beyond to help me absolute first class support he connected to my pc and debugged it and custom coded what i needed if you have any doubts about buying from here please don’t you wont regret it.

Out favorite testimonial of the week - VanghGod

rcore_stickers is actually sick !!! It let you do your own liveries on cars. It is very easy to add custom ones (personally fan of Genshin Impact… so… yeah… :heart: )

You can place it wherever you want on the car. It is sync, it is saved.

The possibilities are infinite. You can add stickers for underground races (japan style) you can add liveries for Jobs-Cars (FIB, Sheriff, Vineyard Truck, or whatever ! ) You can configure everything to your preferences. If you want to bring your personal touch to your server I recommend buy this script!


This look awsome ! Could remake an Forza editor with that !
But i’m really concerned about the logic behind it, how does it work ? Is it constantly drawing sprite based on 3d position ?

Nope, that wouldn;t form around the car surface. It’s using decals, just like bullet holes, for instance. IIRC GTA:O Crew emblem does same thing as this script.

That make sense now that i think of it, thanks!

Once again this script is insane! Gonna make a UwU sticker for the cat cafe from Gabz and add it here!

for the employees :smiley:

Great script, works like a charm!

Great developer!

Would recommend!

Can this be locked down to only Mechanics or some roles?

So Mechanics can RP this out.

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Yes, it can be locked to a specific job in config :slight_smile: