StancedLifeRP | Serious RP | Custom Car Meet Spots | Custom drag strip | Custom Drift Track | Street Racing |

We are a UK based server that want to create and friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy and RP on! One of our main focuses is the car scene. Through a lot of experience playing other servers we have seen how much everybody loves their cars, and loves to race them. We have implemented Race Tracks and Drag Strips! into the server on different parts of the map, some of them custom and created by dlw01.

We hope to provide a unique and fun RP experience that is different from all of the other servers you play on. in a good way… With our active @~Development Staff~ we are constantly working to add new and exciting features to the server, to keep it feeling fresh.

We hope to see you in game, and we hope you enjoy your stay here!

This server was created by @NotCalllum and dlw01.