Stable system + New horses coats and breed [REDEMRP/VORP/RSG]


Two ressources in one ! stable system and the RP Horse Bundle interactions menu

Enjoy a stable system with dozens of new horses coats and breeds and change any stats for all horses in your RP server !

Multiple ressources in one ! This stable system is 100% compatible with the RP Horses Bundle script which come together as a whole pack !

looking for wagons ? get them here :


New breeds and coats ! (full list in the discord and announcement channel)


Different stables are located across the map and also in Guarma and Colter. You can enable or disable them in the config file and place your own !

In the stable you can purchase horses, tack, heal them and sell them.

Switch between 7 camera angles and additional options like turning the stable lights on to improve your customization experience

Preview Horse stats in an improved classic rdr2 style

You have the option in the config file to either activate the stable menu by prompt or enjoy the classic rdr2/ rdo style with additional cutscenes

You can set the stats for each horse in the config file

300 New horse tack variations !

The whole system is based on horse xp (you can set the max in config) which will get you through the 4 bonding levels. With that xp you can unlock
classic tricks and also new ones accessible by the horses interactions ressource menu

You can remove and reput your basic horse tack (saddles, saddlebags etc…) this function is not activated with the special equipment yet

Access your saddlebags with the prompt menu when you’re near your horse

(Optional) New aging system added ! to use it first import the sirevlc_aging_system.sql into your database and then enable it in the config file and set it to your likings ! All your horses will get older no matter if they’re selected in the stable or not.

Change the stash limit for all horses in the config (for vorp and rsg only)

New job lock system for the purchase of every horse / The adoption and sell of wild horses and the trainings

You can enable / disable the horses to be visible in the stable menu, this will allow you to do temporary sale for some horses and much more !

Trainings :
You have different horses trainings available across the whole map you can job lock them and set the desired xp rewards for these trainings. You can also add new ones and edit them to your likings !

Having any requests, ideas, suggestions on horses coats / breeds? don’t hesitate to suggest them in the “ideas and suggestions” channel !

To open the horses interactions menu press the [4] key, you can change it in the config file.

Sell Horse to player - Go through the horses interactions menu and you will have an option to sell your horse to a player. Set the price and wait for the other player to come close to you to conclude the transaction

Sell Wild Horses - You have 3 different selling locations by default (you can set more in the config) where you can sell the wild horses. Either use a fixed price or you can also randomize it in the config file (this can be role locked)

Adopt Wild horses - You can adopt the last wild horse that you have broken. You can edit the price in the config file (this can be role locked)

Weapons on main horse - You can now store your weapons in your horse weapon wheel ! To activate it look in the interactions menu you will have an option to enable weapons
on your horse !

Improved side saddle ! You are now able to use your weapon, jump, dismount etc…



  1. Make sure your server is linked to your keymaster account

  2. Make sure you have either Mysql-async installed for REDEMRP or oxmysql for VORP/RSG

3)Download the redemrp_menu_base (even if you’re using VORP/RSG/QBCORE, I also recommend downloading the one provided for redemrp users since it’s an edited version with improvied visuals for the images), the sirevlc_notifications and the images sent to you by tebex in a mail. You can also download these on my discord file channel.

  1. Place all ressources in your server ressource folder

  2. in your server.cfg or ressources.cfg add these lines :
    ensure redemrp_menu_base
    ensure sirevlc_notifications
    ensure sirevlc_horses
    ensure sirevlc_horses_interactions

the order is very important, redemrp_menu_base must be ensured at the top

  1. Import the sirevlc_stables.sql into your database

  2. Insert the images from the image folder into :

Make sure to create inventory items for the feed items listed in the config file

8)Enjoy !


x-REDEMRP/VORP/RSG frameworks
x-redemrp_menu_base (Use with all frameworks / provided with ressource)
x-mysql-async for REDEMRP or oxmysql for VORP/RSG
x-sirevlc_notifications (provided with ressource)


========LOCKED FILES=====
All files are encrypted except the config file.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 8000
Requirements redemrp_menu_base
Support Yes
(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)

love everything about it just wish it had an ageing system otherwise id use it, ageing is a important aspect for horse trainers. Maybe one day you can sell the custom breeds individually if we use a custom stable for our servers.

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Thanks for the suggestions ! :slight_smile:

Update :
Added new breed : Clydesdale

Added new coats :
Breton Black
Shire Dapple Grey
Shire Mealy Dapple Bay Light
Shire Mealy Dapple Bay Dark
Clydesdale Bay
Clydesdale Dapple Grey

This looks like a really great script!! But I have one IMPORTANT question before looking to invest:

Does it replace the current horses or are these new models with custom coats?


Hey ! thank you it adds new horses /coats ! it doesn’t replace any horses from the game so you have the base horses from the game + the new horses from the script

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========== Update ==========
3 new breeds !
Haflinger :
Flaxen Chestnut

Black Forest:
Black Silver I
Black Silver II

Nez Perce:
Black Idaho
Black Leopard
Dapple Grey

New coats !
Turkoman Warped Brindle
Mustang Overo
Quarter Horse Red Roan
Quarter Horse Overo
Thoroughbred Fleabitten
Thoroughbred Overo
Thoroughbred Black
Thoroughbred White
Thoroughbred Piebald Tobiano
Thoroughbred Deep Black
Thoroughbred Palomino

(Optional) New aging system added ! to use it first import the sirevlc_aging_system.sql into your database and then enable it in the config file and set it to your likings ! All your horses will get older no matter if they’re selected in the stable or not.

Change the stash limit for all horses (for vorp and rsg only) these limits will be available on your next horse purchases

New job lock system for every horse

You can enable / disable the horses to be visible in the stable menu, this will allow you to do temporary sale for some horses and much more !

Fixed glitch with horsebrush infinite stamina when lvl 9999

Enable/disable wild horses buyers blips


Added new coats

Mustang :
Bay Roan
Legendary Brindle

Dutch Warmblood:
Dark Chestnut


I’ve also added a feeding boost function which allows you to fortify and boost your horse stamina / health like stimulants but through feeding items (examples provided in the config.lua)


You can now customize all trainings ! change everything, cutscene cameras, checkpoints coords, obstacles coords, models, the radius of checkpoint detection, you can also put 10 obstacles max per training so check it out and make the training of your dreams ! Check the config.lua

Added a spawn horse everywhere option

Update :
Added a debug option and command in console to leave the stables if stuck in them

is there a playergroup lock or supporter lock type thing for locking horses to supporter tag in DB to be able to buy the ones set?

no only role locks !

might be a good idea for something to add would love to have a section for like vip / supporter table

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something like this under the charators table in DB you can have supporter colum and 1 for true and 0 for false to show a new menu with horses you can only get in there ?


cuz that is the only thing i feel is missing from this script and its whats holding me back from geting it lol

The Halloween update is here ! You can now play with the new horses of the Apocalypse, 8 new breeds, dozens of new coats and over 300 new horse tack variations ! :7482uwucat1:

Here’s the update note details :
Fixed infinite cleaning shoes boost in the sirevlc_horses_interactions
Added more than 300 new cosmetic options for your horse. Including horse tack, manes and tails variations
Fixed wrong tack appearing on first owned horse menu
Improved menu navigation
Gender is now shown on the owned horse stat menu
Set as many trainings as you want and edit them !
Added a donkey ! keep in mind most horse tack will not work on it
Added the following horses Breeds :
_Horses Of The Apocalypse
_Sugarbush Harlequin
_Mangy Horses
_Irish Cob
_Canadian Horse
_Rocky Mountain Horse
_Colorado Ranger

Here’s the full list for the new breeds and coats
_Horses Of The Apocalypse : Famine / Pestilence / Death / War
_Arabian: Black
_Gang Horses
_All Mangy Horses (Scrawny Nags and Murfree Broods)
_Welsh Pony : Black / Bay
_Shire: Reversed Dapple Roan
_Quarter Horse : Black / Sorrel / Buckskin / Chestnut / Palomino II / Reversed Dapple Roan
_Thoroughbred: Dapple Gold
_Clydesdale : Black
_Friesian: Grey
_Suffolk Punch : Legendary Bay
_Belgian : Bay / Bay Roan / Light Bay
_Mustang: Dun Overo / Legendary Black
_Donkey: Grey
_Oldenburg: Black / Dapple Grey / Dapple Bay / Bay
_Colorado Ranger: Frame Overo / Frame Overo II / Light Leopard / Dark Chimera
_Rocky Mountain Horse: Sooty Gold / Chocolate / White Gold
_Turkoman: Gold II / Gold III / Bay
_Menorquin: Black / Dark Grey/ Dark Bay
_Sugarbush Harlequin: Leopard / Blanket / Few Spotted / Leopard Blanket/ Snowflake
_Canadian Horse: Black / Chestnut / Red Chestnut
_Irish Cob: Skewbald / Splashed Bay / Tobiano

Added Max Horse XP configuration in the config.lua
Give different XP reward for each training
Added manual horsebrush item register event (see example in the config)
Added max horses per player and per horsetrainer

fixed discord webhooks for RSG Version

fixed RSG version horse limit not working