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Hello and welcome to the SQRP FiveM advertisement. Here you will learn more about this amazing server, please take the time to read this advertisement.


About Us:

State of Queensland Roleplay is a FiveM community created in 2020. We are a group that is looking to bring people together for a great roleplay experience that is both realistic and very fun. Our community is a mature environment for everyone. All members of SQRP are well respected regardless of the rank they hold in the server, the staff team respects the members they serve. We take out roleplay seriously and work very hard to give all players the best Queensland roleplay experience.

Discord - https:/discord.gg/cjJ83Jw

Server IP -



  • Queensland Police Service
  • Queensland Ambulance Service
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • Queensland Communications

Server Features

  • Friendly Staff Members
  • EUP
  • ELS
  • vMenu
  • Custom Vehicles & Scripts
  • Professional Police, Fire and Medical Personnel
  • Mumble VOIP


Thank you for taking the time to join our server and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Hey guys, I’m the community director of SQRP and I’d just like to say that we all believe our community is an amazing server! I would love to see each and everyone of you views join and see what’s up :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, have been playing on the server for a while now and it has been one of the most fun servers. The staff and community are great there. You should 100% join the server and have some fun. Come Join the police or even start a business!

Main Discord: https://discord.gg/CHEtXKpDH8
Business Discord: https://discord.gg/yVVHrF4Hva


Heyo. Just another bump of our server’s advertisement. We would love to see new members to hang out with on the server! We have lots of new resources added to the server!!

Greetings All!

I just wanted to say that this has been a really enjoyable server to play on. Whether it is the indepth roleplay that happens or just a real sense of community the server has, I am proud to be a part of State of Queensland Roleplay. There are tons of different ways that you can have fun like starting a business or being apart of the police force, these I have personally experienced and are enjoyable

  • Nick

Hey, Over the past 5 months I have learn’t a few big things here teamwork, respect and optimism. I would like to start off by saying thanks to everyone behind the scenes who made this server possible, you know who you are! State of Queensland Roleplay has taught me many different life skills. I myself have made tons of friends here and that alone made it a very enjoyable experience, its the general vibe that the server gives which makes it unique. But also thanks to all the staff members who have made it a very enjoyable time playing on the server. Throughout my time in State of Queensland Roleplay there were always the ups and downs but we all stuck through it and it made the server grow. And now look at what the server has reached. Whether it is the eccentric roleplay or the impressive unique features that caught your attention, State of Queensland Roleplay will give you the opportunity to become a CEO of a business or start that journey throughout the police force. I started out like maybe what you are now, a fresh and new player but luckily I had 2 great friends that I could rely on to make me laugh and enjoy playing even more. Do you have what it takes to play on State of Queensland Roleplay? Come and join the crew and have some laughs!

Recently got some new cars in Custom New QPS GD Livery

Join and invite some friends to play on such a great server

-Senior Moderator Nick L.


The server 1 year anniversary event is very soon, come join the discord for more information