SpotiFiveV2 - New attempt at spotify-fivem integration

Hi everybody, if you’ve been around FiveM long enough you might’ve heard of the first version of this, which lemme just say was… a mess. I’ve since gotten around to rewriting it all and making it much nicer. The backend is basically ready, i just need to finish the fivem resource. If you wanna take a look or help me out with PRs, here’s the github:

I’m planning to add all the features the old one had, right now there’s not much, but it’s a start :slight_smile:

i’ll use this thread as a dev log, so you’ll see some updates soon enough i hope :slight_smile:


do you have a video of how it works?

i never ended up finishing it, too much work, too little motivation. i heard @sadboilogan made a working script which accomplishes the same thing. what i did manage to do tho was a working backend that would get the tokens from the spotify api.