Splash Screen Error


I keep getting stuck in this splash screen: https://gyazo.com/218e57d9cf80237e9893ac54b6f3428d

Social Club starts off and then the splash screen appears and nothing happens.

Also, I am using the most current version of FiveM (just received an update this morning) with a legit bought copy via Steam on Windows 10. If you need further info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

Can you open your ‘FiveM Application Data’ directory (%localappdata%\FiveM, or next to FiveM.exe) and upload the contents of CitizenFX.log to a host such as https://pastebin.com?

Of course!

Let me know if you need anything else.

It seems you’ve run into an issue we’ve seen before, but haven’t found a fix for.
We would need to debug it live to figure out what causes it, but we’ve never encountered it, so it wasn’t possible.

You could try disabling any antiviral software you have, your firewall, or similar software which might prevent networking-related things to work.

Sorry for not being able to help. :frowning:

Oh no! That’s not good.

I just tried what you recommended. I turned of my Windows AV software and Windows Firewall with no luck. This sucks! :frowning:
Do you know where I can go to be up to date when the problem IS fixed?

Thanks for your time either way, man.

Just stick in the FiveM discord and check FiveM Announcements every once in a while - updates will be posted there :]

Will do.

Are you guys currently or in the near future trying to squash this bug or is it something you put aside?

Well, if we find out a reason for it, we’ll definitely fix it - until then, though, nothing we can do. :frowning:

Got it. Any other recommendations besides turning off my AV and Firewall to fix the issue? Thanks for the quick replies again!

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve no idea what causes the issue - so, I can’t really recommend much to try out. Perhaps try a clean install of windows, or a different user - it could be anything causing it…