Speed limit UI

What speedometer is that ?

I would love to use this it looks great but I am running into a problem. I have adjusted the position correctly and it will appear correct for me on my monitor, however other players with different resolution monitors will have the speed limit at a different spot on the screen or just not working at all.

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Still trying to find a fix for this. Any ideas?

is there a way to change the sign to a uk one

Great release, highly recommend this to anyone who likes clean looking HUD’s in their server!

when the position is changed it stays in that right corner

can you fix senora freeway part of script, it doesnt work it puts the or else speed limit instead of whats put in senora freeway as speed limit

the speed limit goes to the or else one from integrity way to the route 68 exit in sandy for senora freeway part, i tried fixing it but couldnt so idk. lmk if youre able to fix it