Spawning outside of the car?

Does anyone know the reason this happens? I try to spawn the add-on car in by code, and it appears in front of me, then when I try to enter the car, the game crashes out.

Any help is appreciated.

Probably a corrupt/broken car model or data file.

So there’s really nothing I can do to fix it then, from what you are saying?

Well if you find out what the issue is with the car itself, then you can probably fix it.

try changing `LAYOUT_LOW_what_ever_name



Lol it’s not a model problem, if it was, the car won’t spawn or game crash before the car spawn. There is probably a problem with vehicle.meta or handling.meta. Try to copy/paste a vehicle.meta from a working car to this one. should fix the problem. If not, change the handling ID in vehicle.meta from a car that works. It will fix the problem.

You sir, are a genius!

Thank’s so much, it worked.

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no worry’s enjoy glad it worked

where can i find this?

in the vehicles.meta at <layout>