SouthLogs - vMenu Logging to Discord System

I have yet a another much wanted release!

Ever wanted to log vMenu actions to discord? Well this script is for you!

With this simple script, all ingame vMenu actions will be sent to a discord webhook.

Direct Download
Any Questions or Concerns can be posted below!
Feel free to suggest what you want next!


I am so annoyed I paid for £70 for this to be custom done from Cisco Development

if someone could tell me if I should request a refund or is this a cuntish thing to do

I feel that 70$ is way too much in the first place.

I doubt they will do a refund for a custom work !

Yeah why will someone charge 70 $ for some server logs for a vMenu ! Thats Crazy !

Hey man, come over to my workshop and I’ll make you a custom script on the house for having to go though this trouble!


Warning to everyone, using discord as a logging service is a quick way to get your discord account banned.

Can you add the vehicle spawn log as well?

thank you man do you have a discord also are you able to make it look like this

You have to send more pictures like this where real branded cars are spawned, let’s see the real ones

You are purely incorrect, this has nothing to do with any kind of discord account. This system is ran though discord webhook system dedicated for logging.

I can do that.

I do not understand your question.

Why pay 70 dollars when ChatGpt an write FiveM scripts for free?

Due to ChatGBT being fully AI, it does not have the capiblity to make scripts that use FiveMs Citizen.FX framework. With that being said ChatGBT can make semi-working scripts and discord bots. But it will never have the functionality as a real human, hense why ChatGBT is not a issue with developers in the FiveM Community.

ChatGPT took atleast 15 mins make the script you are charging money for. Logs the player and vehicle spawned in and the ped into discord

I don’t charge anything for my scripts, and that isnt logging vMenu actions.

when do you plan on updating this to make it log all vmenu actions ?

Already does

do you mind sharing how you got it to log the vehicle related options and player options?