Southern Roleplay | SRP

Welcome Statement:
Hello there, are you searching an amazing Vmenu, whitelisted, and professional server? If so your hunt has came to an end. Southern roleplay is newer type roleplay server looking for new members just like you to come play with us.

Our Mission:
Here at SRP we strive for the best possible roleplay experience while providing a Diversity and Dynamic Roleplay experience. We set our age limit to 15 to ensure that everyone is getting the fun, professional, and realism in their roleplay. Professionalism is our number one priority as a community.

What Are Our Departments?
Here at southern roleplay we offer 3 LEO departments, a Civilian department, Communications, and part-time fire rescue

Why Join Us?
Thats a great question! You should join us because we offer the best of best. From custom LEO and Civ vehicles, and LEO and Civ EUP, And soon maybe custom interiors.

So please consider joining us in this amazing journey. We’re a Family over anything.

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He have RPs everyday

We’ll love to have you join us!

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