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What we offer:

  • We offer several options from municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies. At this time we do not have any communications or emergency medical/fire departments! Additional departments are always an option if you have an idea that you wish to present!! That very well could change with a good letter of intention and interview. (Contact staff if interested) We offer several assets for use such as SCN P25 radio software, Roxwood MLO addition, several quality MLO station assets, and a large amount of quality vehicles utilizing ULC and custom siren configurations. Civilian businesses are always an option! Now is the best time to claim your fame with your own civilian business. Slots are limited to make sure to have documentation and/or assets ready if applicable.

What makes us unique?

  • Our team has exceptional experience in the field of running FiveM communities. We have learned what works and what doesnโ€™t work.

  • Ever been a part of a server that is pay to play? We absolutely will not restrict core in game functions behind a paywall. Items such as rifles, planes, helicopters, and boats are open for all to use!

  • SJRP has a strict limitation on usage of moderation and staff components within the menu. Staff do not have access to features such as super jump, fast run, unlimited ammo, no reload, or similar features. Everyone has no stamina, because no one wants to run like GTA Vice City)

  • SJRP Is a respect built community. Members will earn their way to ranks of leadership based on quality of play and actions. Although time does play a factor, it is the least considered for department promotions.

  • SJRP wished to work with similar communities that share a common enjoyment for FiveM! Although it may seem as a competition, we wish to extend a joyful invite to those in other communities to enjoy what we have here. We also extend the invitation for any communities to express issues they may have within our membership, as a negative community reflection is something we would love the opportunity to address.

What if Iโ€™m in another community?

  • SJRP has no dual clanning policies for member ranks, we do however not allow staff members to hold said position in both servers.

Is Teamspeak required?

  • No, Teamspeak is not required, we utilize the SCN P25 Radio Script for full radio integration within the game itself, this unique script alloes the use of a dispatch panel should a communications agency ever exist in the future.

How can I join?