South London RPC | EUP | Whitelisted | UK Based - British | 15+ Only | Serious RP | Looking for Members!

At South London, we conduct ourselves to the highest standard and ensure we are always conveying the community positively. SLRPC has been created by many experienced members summing many years of roleplay. We continue to adopt new qualities and develop whilst we move through clanning - growing rapidly. We love to take on board everyone and educate them with our realistic training team; If you lack experience within roleplaying, this will not prevent you from learning in our community.

At South London RPC we have many divisions for applications:

ERPT (Emergency Response Policing Team)
MO8 (Met Operations 8 / Traffic)
MO19 (Met Operations 19 / Firearms)
MetCC (MET Control Centre)
LAS (London Ambulance Service)
LFB (London Fire Brigade)

Your experience does not matter, if you are limited and have never been in a British FiveM Roleplay community before, that is fine; we will train you and ensure you are continuously educated on how to reach our standards.

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