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South Dakota State Roleplay has been built on key values like every great server should be! Founded in February of 2021, Our mission is to bring users of the more mature age groups roleplay that is realistic but has aspects that make it unique and engaging. South Dakota is a vMenu server that has unique features that make it stand out and not feel so “dry” as we like to say. “Down here in Dakota, we like to spice it up” to make it more of an experience every time you log on. If your looking for something new, and possibly refreshing, give us a try. We’ll be waiting!

When the team was starting up South Dakota, High Command put a lot of thought into who would do their best work in what spot. At the end of the day, The Roleplay is lead by the team, and if the team is not on the right track and on the same page the roleplay might be lacking or not very realistic. So, to make your experience great, all the team members from department leadership or the directors have traits that helped them earn the position they choose. The high command puts a lot of trust into the team to make sure that things can operate as a well-oiled machine. The Community is founded on respect, Maturity, Realistic Attributes, and Finally Fun. Although SDSRP is a realistic server, everyone has a reason they outlet to roleplay. The team understands this and is willing if necessary to work with schedules, time restraints, etc to cater a better experience to you!

  • Immersive and In-Depth Roleplay scenarios
  • 24/7 365 Uptime so Roleplay is never on hold
  • Server Staff, and High Commands “No Bullshit” Attitude makes Roleplays, and Patrols more enjoyable for all.
  • Being a Whitelisted community, SDSRP is Streamer Friendly! No immature youngsters running around with an MP5!
  • Department’s Lead by Mature, and prior knowledge IRL and FiveM Vets makes departments more organized and more realistic for the user
  • NON-ELS Custom Vehicles, Skinned Customly for SDSRP.
  • SDSRP is a Sixteen + Server. Users under the age of 16 looking to apply can but an average acceptance rate of 25% for users under the normal age requirement. Disclaimer: users under the Age requirement will go through a longer application process.
  • Custom Vehicle Sounds. Our Vehicles in SDSRP sound like their real-life counterparts. Not many other FiveM servers are able to say they have this feature so this is one we are especially proud of.
  • Updates are Always Happening. Discord is constantly being flooded with server updates and new changes to improve roleplay and scenes for the better.
  • Cool Realistic Features such as a Phone that allows you to call, text, and tweet out to fellow users. Departments also use the phone to follow up on application status and much more.
  • SDSRP has been tested since day one to provide stable and good performance to a wide range of Desktops, Laptops, and so on. Any problems with performance can be addressed within a ticket on our discord if you’re accepted.
  • Custom MLO’s, YMAP’s With LOD’s so the server is not only stable but playable. Custom Billboards, Vehicle Plates, Etc to really add some cool unique sites to the map of South Dakota

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol - OPEN

  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office- OPEN

  • Los Santos Police Department CLOSED

  • San Andreas Fire Rescue OPEN

  • San Andreas Communications OPEN

  • South Dakota State Civillan Department Looking For Department Head

Apply Today To become apart of the family! “We are so excited to see new faces in the community. We think that our community and approach to a mature roleplay experience will provide you and your fellow members an experience that other complex vMenu servers can’t provide. Hope to see you all soon” -Director & Founder- Mayo

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SDSRP 2021


:100: :fire:

damn this shit is lit

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The server is fun to play on even when we are in dev mode

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bro I had so much fun with the community today best time ever

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bro I had so much fun with the community today best time ever

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I just applied to this RP server, and i have to admitt this is the best server i’ve ever been apart of. Be sure to get in this server and see what these guys are about. You wont be disappointed.

Come meet us! We don’t bite!
Ever since I got banned from old server and found this server they have been nothing but nice and generous towards me. If you are looking for a good role play server here where you want to be! If you are looking for server that is chill and have a chill people then look no more you found it!

We have everything you ever need! Owners actually care about your suggestions/options.

Department heads are super nice and easy going!

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The Position for Fire Chief Just Opened UP! Come Apply if you think your fit!

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ive never had so much fun with new people they are all so nice

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dang server looks lit

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Fun First Patrol yesterday Boys!

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damn I’ve never had so much fun meeting new people

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Hello all, this is Sheriff A. Harris of BCSO, I am here to say that we had a great community meeting tonight. Any and all who are interested in a new server, who has serious RP, all roles available and are more then open to suggestions as the server has been built from the ground up and will continue to be developed even while we RP on it. BSCO is hiring, SAHP is hiring, the SAFD is hiring, we are looking for people who want to RP not just play GTA multiplayer. Come check it out, join the discord and ask any and all questions. Thank you for reading my post and hope to see you soon.


If you have any questions about Highway patrol join our discord server and dm, @SavageWilLiams02 and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions, or etc.

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Hello This Is Captain T.Spears With SAHP, I Just Wanted To Let Everyone Know That We Have A Great, Mature And Serious RP Server. Everybody Will Be Treated The Same Way As Others Will Be Treated. All Positions Are Open For BCSO, SAHP, SAFD. We As A Community Want To Build A Excellent Community With People Who Want Serious RP. I Hope To See You Soon.

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Hello everyone,

San Andreas Highway Patrol is hiring come on in and get your application and set-up a date and a time for an interview! We are more then happy to assist on anything you need, regarding your application/interview.

We also have many other departments such as Civilian Department,Blaine County Sheriffs Office, and Fire department!

Here at South Dakota State Role-play we are all family. We take care of each other. With that being said our server is a drama free and it’s also one of the most realistic vmenu servers.

So if you are looking for a welcoming server to call home and also looking for amazing people to role- play. Dakota State is the best place to be!!!

(I do rank matching from other servers.(There are requirements so if you are interested join our server and contact @SavageWiLiams2#0953))

Have great day/night! Hope to se you soon.

-LT Colonel C. Williams

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:stuck_out_tongue: Hey Everyone, I just got out the server has a Taxi Driver( Crazy Taxi Style) and made over 20k :money_mouth_face:. If you guys are looking for a Mature ESX server to have fun and live your Wild Dreams, definitely check this server out!! :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: