Sound Modifying using ArchiveFix

Before anyone says anything, I know ArchiveFix is a third party application not supported by FiveReborn. I’m looking for help from other community members who may have had the same issue as me.

When using ArchiveFix to scan my game while it is running, I always get a BSOD when it’s almost done. For the people that use ArchiveFix, did you have any issues with it? Is my CPU just too crappy? How many files does it need to scan for?

The topic on the GTA Forums has not been posted in since October, so I do not want to revive an old topic.

Any help is appreciated.

Most likely. Ask someone else, just copy and paste the files to your pc. That would work just fine.

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Thanks for the help Boss!

Anyone able to help me out with those files?

You seem to have a cooling issue, then.

My CPU is older than dirt, with a stock cooler. Hoping to upgrade in the coming weeks.