Sothern Carolina Roleplay // Real-Life Based Police Departments // Addon Vehicles // Drugs // Motels // Player Owned Businesses // Heists & House Robberies!

#Southern Carolina Roleplay

Welcome to Southern Carolina State Roleplay! SCRP is an ESX based FiveM server with a custom framework never seen before! You can have up to 7 characters, rent a motel for the night (with storage), hit Starbucks or KFC in the morning (and work there if you’d like) then head down to the black market and get yourself a pair of fresh kidneys. With a fully custom job and drug system theres never a time where you can’t make money (and a lot of it). There’s also a fully custom robbing and heist system allowing you to rob houses, stores, banks, and people, in ways never seen before. With over 15 custom jobs (and more to come) there’s plenty of ways to make money. We also have a donation system setup that gives perks to make your in game experience just that much better; including but not limited to, your own custom job, your own gang with the ability to invite your friends, a personal vehicle of your choice that only you may drive, and custom discord roles. Inviting your friends to play with us also enables you to gain in game cash and a special vehicle.

:briefcase: Jobs and Business :moneybag:

  • 15+ Civilian Jobs such as Starbucks, Amazon, and KFC.
  • Whitelisted Gangs with simple application process!
  • Metropoliton Police - with multiple units such as Armed Response and Organised Crime.
  • EMS - Treat those in need and respond to calls across the city!
  • AA Mechanics - There when you need a hand!
  • Private Owned Companies - Purchase and run your own business.
  • Uber - earn money on the side as an uber driver.

:oncoming_automobile: Civilian Activities :dart:

  • Casino to blow your cash in.
  • 100’s of Imported Vehicles
  • Useful Items such as Repair Kits and Medic Bags!

:hocho: Criminal Enterprise :skull_and_crossbones:

  • Drugs you can harvest, process and sell to locals
  • Top Secret Blackmarket - hidden location only few know of with plenty of goodies!
  • House Robberies - break in and steal the valuables!
  • Bank and Money Truck Robberies - with hacking and interactive acitvities.
  • Heists - break into the vaults!
  • Quality of Life & Roleplay Scripts - such as more recoil, Vehicle Ragdoll and Reduced Hud.

:policeman: Police & EMS :rotating_light:

  • Multiple Units - Including State Patrol, Dispatch with Security Cameras, Armed Response, Organised Crime and NPAS.
  • Dog Handlers - with multiple commands and dogs.
  • Criminal Record and Fine System - with preset fines and punishments.
  • 50+ Emergency Vehicles - Including Marked and Unmarked cars.
  • Integrated Radio System - for perfect communitcation.
  • Callouts from crimes and NPCs
  • Fully Integrated Jail System

:white_check_mark: Quality of Life :world_map:

  • Project Myrtle Beach - aiming to turn los santos into the southern parts of North Carolina!
  • Inventory System with Hot Bar
  • Realistic Vehicle Handling and Damage - no rediculous cars!

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