Someone interested making a simple job script for stripper job?

Looking for someone to make stripper job for esx…

  • take job at information center or strip club…

  • add locker room to put on working clothing/skin - stripper ped, or back to civilian clothing

  • random markers on stage or around sitting area - complete X # of dances complete, get paid…

  • Billing for promoting RP for actual players

Sounds like you already have thought it through.

Whats keeping you from writing the script ?

I don’t know how to script, I can edit but not script from scratch…

My suggestion would be to grab one of the basic scripts that come with ESX

And edit that one, make a new one called stripper and just make some adjustments to it.

It will teach you some details about how to make the blips and such.

When you have that one ready, post it here and people will have a look at it and help you get further with it :slight_smile:

I may give that a go, thnks.

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This already exists but sometimes can be hard to find, so I’ll give you this one without complaints lol

yes, a buddy of mine seen and tested this… similar… but this is basically a bartender job, although you can dress up as several dancer… I’d just like to have maybe this along with an actual dancer job… i’d have to look at this one more…

Got something I can make for qbcore