Some default buildings are not showing up


I’m working on a fivem server, but I have noticed that some buildings are not loading in (server-side) so when I go to them (for example cardealer and EMS) I just simply fall through the ground.

Is there any known cause for this? Perhaps resources that fix these issues or anything alike? (sorry if this is the wrong category, I wasn’t sure)

Short answer - you need what’s known as an “IPL Script”, as FiveM does not load vanilla interiors by default. The one linked below is one of the most popular ones, however by far not the only one out there :smiley:

You need this:

This solved half of my problem. Interior of some places (like medical) are now loaded in. But I have some random streets that are not loading in at all (also server-side). Any idea how this could be resolved?

Now that is a lot more interesting. How do you know for sure the streets missing are server-sided? From my experience that usually happens on clients only and it’s due to low texture budget (which you can increase manually in the settings if needed)

We’ve been with 5 different people who are experiencing the same issue for the same streets, and only on those streets. My computer may not be one of the best but some of my friends do have quite beasty computers with texture budget at max so I’d assume that it’s a server-side thing in that case. Unless I’m wrong in assuming so at least. I’m pretty new to fivem server development myself

Street problems that the structure does not load is because it may have been overwritten by another mapping. Can be near the problem but also the mapping on the other side of the map can be the cause. I can only say and I think I speak for everyone that it works on a pure server without mappings.

Quick clarification on your server side/clientside thematic you are talking about two themes you mean with server side that comes from the server so only on your. The problem in the development area is still on clientside, the player loads the mappings, the server does nothing there. The server only specifies what exactly needs to be loaded (downloading at start) the rendering is clientside. It is a clientside problem coming from your server, more precisely from your resources.

Thank you very much!! It was indeed another mapping that was messing up the streets. I’ve removed it now.

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