Some Crash RedM 2022

Hello everyone,
I try to make a post for the whole community, I have had many reports of crashes and I have seen the most common errors from the server logs, if anyone has the same problems and knows how to solve it is welcome
(in this compilation I put my specifications, the errors that the others have I have also found them)


Using canary?

  • I tried Last Release and Beta

Windows version:

  • I tried with W10 and W11

System specifications:

  • 2080 RTX
  • 9900k Intel
  • 64GB Ram 3600mhz


Operating system:

  • Windows Server 2019 Standard

Artifact version:

  • 5402


ensure spawnmanager
ensure mapmanager
ensure basic-gamemode
ensure redm-map
ensure sessionmanager-rdr3
ensure wlChat 
ensure imaps

ensure vorp_core 
ensure vorp_inputs 
ensure syn_inputs 
ensure gum_inputs 
ensure gum_menu 
ensure menuapi 
ensure saltychad
ensure saltyhud 

ensure vorp_traffic
ensure vorp_character
ensure vorp_inventory
ensure syn_max
ensure vorp_radius
ensure fred_hud
ensure fred_metabolism
ensure syn_clothing
ensure wl_adminmenu
ensure vorp_barbershops
ensure redm-weathersync
ensure progressBars
ensure gum_notify
ensure syn_alert
ensure wl_core
ensure rz_properties
ensure wl_watermark
ensure syn_instancebucket


System specifications:

  • Intel Xenon E-2278G 3.40GHz
  • 64GB Ram



  • A lot of crash

Error 1

Error 2

Error 3

Error 4 with Dump

I send Dump in private for privacy

Any additional info:
I have seen that many errors have been fixed directly here

but how is it possible to make a correct upgrade to fix?

Have the players try switching Vulkan to DirectX in Advanced Graphics, or switching RedM from Release version to Beta version.

I had to reinstall Rdr2. Its not a Problem with RedM directly. But the most common way would be switching to DirectX like Samosa said before

switching to directX did not work for me. Not sure where i can find the beta version.
i try reinstalling it also has no effect

I’m getting error 1 any clue on how to fix it ? I’ve tried everything