[SOLVED] Run.bat won't run?

I am attempting to start up my server via run.bat, however when I hit run, or even run as administrator, it does not launch. It just flashes the command prompt screen then closes and nothing launches.
That is an image of my fivereborn server folder. If you need more information please ask and I will do my best to get it.

Why is there a ‘plugins’ folder in there?

For the scripts I have included.

What? Thats not the way to add ‘scripts’…

I got rid of the plugins folder as i realized I did something wrong there.
The images attached are my resources folder, my main folder, and my citmp-server.yml
The error is as follows: When I double click/run as administrator the run.bat program it will flash the command prompt with afew lines, then close, and then nothing else will pop up.

Did you delete the cache?

Also, might want to disable those custom resources in order to find out where the error is.

What if you start the “CitizenMP.Server.exe” directly?

There is no cache, but I will try to disable the custom resources to see if thats what it is.

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You cannot start the software that way for server side. It just does not work. A server has to be started throigh the run.bat so that its launch program stays active.