[SOLVED] Nightclub Table Prop Name

Hello, I have been desperately trying to find the name of the coffee table in the upstairs office lounge area of the nightclub. It is the table with the 2 bronze like sculptures of people making out and also if possible the table with the panther statue as the base. Please can someone let me know their prop names? Thanks in advance.

Did you check gta-objects website?

Hey Andy, thanks for the reply and suggestion. Yes I checked both gta-objects and gtahash but since I do not know the prop name I am unable to find it. I searched for every key word that I can think of. I also tried many different mod sites, downloaded 100’s of ymaps to look at their props, checked on the codewalker discord channel and searched through 1000s of props with the rpf viewer. I am completely stuck and can use some help.

ba_vip_table3 is the name of it.

Awesome!!! Wow thank you so much! My OCD brain was on overdrive for days trying to find it. Finally I can take a break lol … You have no idea how grateful I am. Cheers!

Thanks again for the help! This table was the perfect piece to complete my Oculus Home in VR.

Nice! You can find other props and visually see them using https://forge.plebmasters.de/objects and set the DLC to the one you want. In this case it was After Hours.

Thanks @TayMcKenzieNZ , great site! I love that I can view the objects in 3D.

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