[Solved]Explode Vehicle after an event


Do ExplodeVehicle() and SetVehicleOutOfControl() work? Or any idea how to?


Look at the FIRE natives. You can create explosions with those.

thank you, AddExplosion() work fine :wink:

Where you got these functions like AddExplosion?

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here: http://www.dev-c.com/nativedb/

in fire section (to make a function to work, you juste have to rename it: FIRE::ADD_EXPLOSION = AddExplosion()

Or use ashes (in this case: 0xE3AD2BDBAEE269AC) and search it in native.lua in “citizen\scripting\lua” in your client folder and search for the ash in it

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Men you are my hero…
I just make a Top fo that question tank you alot.

You’re welcome! it’s normal to help when we can :wink:

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