[SOLVED]Create a Vehicle only visible for who have created it


It is possible to do who the title said? It’s for a race mod a working on, all work fine, but when 2 players are selecting a car, they appear the on inside other and the selection become chaotically unusable…

Thank you!

On CreateVehicle, replace the first true with false. If you later decide to want to synchronize the vehicle, you might have to use VehToNet.

Wonderful, you make my day, thank you!

Hi nynjardin,

I am also facing this problem.

However, I am using hookvDotNet, which API did you use?

Which mod did you use? ScriptHookVDotNet? I am facing this problem, too.

I don’t use any API, just Lua in FiveReborn. As soon as I have finish my gamemode, I release it!

But, you can see how CreateVehicle() works via his hash in natives.lua (stored in citizen\scripting\lua in your client folder)

Hi nynjardin,

I am new to fiveReborn, and I could not find much more ducument about its lua api.

Do you know where I can find the document?

I follow this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoERwONu8rc

And after that, I download some stuff in release to see how they done what and start to make my own script

Lua is a script language, no need to compile, all code are in kind of text file, easy to read :wink: