[Solved] Anyway to start vps server faster?

i always start it by typing cd /, cd home, cd ubuntu, cd fivereborn, cd bin, mono CitizenMP.Server.exe.

Im actually really tired of doing that everytime i close and open my server.


Make a bash script and set it to execute when the vps starts up (/etc/rc.local)
In the script:

nano serverstart.sh

#Your Linux commands

CTRL + X (Press Y followed by enter to save)

Give the file execution permissions:
sudo chmod +x serverstart.sh

Edit /etc/rc.local with nano / vi / vim, whatever you prefer and add this to the end of the file (before exit 0):

Please note that this is more linux related than anything else.

@Jayceon saves me soo much time. thx alot:grin: