Solar Roleplay | Player Driven Stories | Run A Business and Looking for Police/Medical/Fire | Streamer Friendly

In the bustling city of Los Santos, every decision you make carries weight, shaping your character’s destiny in this immersive world. Whether you’re upholding justice as a police officer, saving lives as a skilled EMS professional, putting out fires, or delving into the world of crime as an outlaw, the choices are yours.

We are dedicated to ensuring your enjoyment on the server. Your feedback and suggestions are valued and appreciated. Government positions, such as sheriff, police, medical, and fire department roles, are available.

:star2: FiveM Retro Community :star2:
:tada: Fun & Safe Space

:world_map: Server Features
:cityscape: Lore Friendly Los Santos
:man_construction_worker: Over 15 Civilian Jobs: Hunting, Mining, Fishing, and more
:plate_with_cutlery: Player-Run Businesses: Restaurants, Mechanic Services, Private Lawyers, and more
:tennis: Recreational Activities: Tennis, Basketball, Darts, Golf, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Bowling, Beer Pong, Pool, Retro Arcades
:oncoming_police_car: Multiple Government Agencies: Police, Medical Services, Department of Justice, Highway Patrol, Etc.
:police_car: Many Unique Government Scripts & Vehicles
:red_car: Lore Friendly Vehicles
:moneybag: Various Heists Leading Up to the “Big One”
:male_detective: Multiple Gang Scripts: Graffiti Tagging, Drive-By Scripts, and more
:gun: Many Criminal Scripts: Gun Serial Scratching, and more
:wrench: Crafting Scripts for Legal & Illegal Items
:pill: 10+ Drug Manufacturing Scripts: Sell to Players or NPCs

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hello dm me on TheVampireGames#9878

Come join my community and if your serious like I am I will let you join partner ranking and help make decisions. We are Black Pan Clan. Server is well established and will save you weeks and weeks of time modding… We just launched… BPC_DECIUM#0420

I am Chris, 34 years old. Join the team!

Hey man! I’ve made a server ESX with 40+ players on at once! With custom cars shops houses guns ETC. Also could setup a website for your server!
Discord: Smeazy#7916

Dm me ItsJacob#6969

Shoot me a DM, anxiety#0107.
I can work with ESX, and any other type of scripting that you might need done.

add me on discord? Varky#6586

Posted a new teaser on our Discord!
New faces and skins.

link dosent work for the discord server

The project has been changed into a new server! Solar Roleplay