Socialclub loading screen won't end.. What am I doing wrong?

GTA V version? - Latest
Up to date? Yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? CD

Is anybody able to run FiveReborn from a physical copy of GTA 5? For some reason I can’t… I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything. I have a fresh GTA 5 root folder, Fivereborn installed correctly, LAN settings correct, but Socialclub just won’t stop loading. HOWEVER, if I run Vanilla GTA 5 and then go and run FiveReborn it works… But then I’m running both games at the same time and it doesn’t work very well… Any ideas would be appreciated… I’m at a loss.

I had the same problem. Came out of no where from one day to the other. I tried reinstalling everything twice but was still stuck at the load screen. I then decided to reinstall windows and then of cause everything worked again. :frowning:

Reinstalling Windows is a bit extream.

i have the same issue :frowning: i havnt tryed to load gta5 vanilla and then five reborn. (I have the steam vesion)

Debug.log: [1122/] Could not load cef_extensions.pak
[1122/] Could not load cef_extensions.pak

@M4DKiLLA I agree. But my only option since reinstalling everything else again didn’t help.

Screw it… Buying GTA 5 for the THIRD time, this time on steam… wish me luck…