So first impressions

At first I opened a disccusion with them prior to it opening for beta and they stated that violent encounters were case by case that victims did not have to give in rule wise… that changed fast. Going through their video it was all about victimizing people where two rob and kill one and its called RP, so I put one of my videos where someone tried that and ended up with no heads… the staff deleted it. Point is two on one you loose automatically according to rules even if you could win and do win they will ban you. So question is then raised if you have no right to defend yourself and your hard work why progress at all? Only criminals prevail there.
In addition they gave criminals New Austin (Their own state) when I tried to bring this up in a threat away from main chat the staff shut it down to control the narrative which is give in to criminals so they have something to do. THis is pretty typical of every RedM server… my guess is in normal RDO they couldn’t win so they make servers to control the narrative where they win no matter what.


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