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Welcome to Smoked Roleplay!

Smoked Roleplay
Our Discord: SRP - Smoked Roleplay

Our Server IP:

About Us

Smoked Roleplay is a brand new vMenu-based roleplay server which just launched from development into its beta release. Our server is a VPS located in North America with high specifications, network speed, and 100% uptime. We are currently looking for people to join our community and help our server grow! We are also looking for staff and LEO command positions, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to join!

What We Offer

Daily realistic and serious roleplay

Active owners, developers, and staff

Daily development and updates

Custom cars

Custom EUP and peds

Custom interiors

Cool scripts



What’s Upcoming?!


More custom cars


Our Departments

At Smoked Roleplay, we have various departments, such as:

San Andreas State Troopers

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Fire and EMS

What we are looking for

Right now we are looking for:

Director / High Staff

So what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY: SRP - Smoked Roleplay

We’ll see you in game.