Smoke Grenade Launcher

Hi, i have a little doubt, i see in the rage wiki that it exists a smoke grenade launcher in gtav, but when i try to make it spawn with the /givewewapon command, it says it doesn’t exist (or something related, since i don’t remember that now). Is there a way to obtain it?


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Do you use the regular grenade launcher in your server? if not you could just change the ammo type in the weapons.meta, or you can create a “addon” weapon to add the smoke launcher

I’m gonna try with the weapons.meta, because with vMenu i was able to get the smoke grenade launcher, and it’s that a common non-lethal smoke hahaha, and i was expectating a lethal one.

Where can i find the weapons.meta ?

You can either stream it as a new addon, or modify the base one in the script of your choice. for example if you are using es extended it has the base weapons.meta you can modify.

Nice, i’m gonna look

Ty ^^

Did you ever get this working with lethal smoke? Curious if you have a resource and you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks

how do i get this weapons.meta file

Where do you find the weapons.meta