Smart Airbags - Automatic Airbag Deployment, Custom Model [Paid Resource]

SmartAirbags - London Studios - (Paid Resource)

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, providing a more realistic vehicle crash experience. This will ultimately enhance roleplay for those involved in a collision, allowing airbags to be activated automatically but also manually using a command.

This plugin features a airbag model created by London Studios. This works with all vehicles except cycles, motorcycles, planes and helicopters. Some vehicles the airbag may not be in the correct position.

This plugin is made by LondonStudios, we have created a variety of releases including TaserFramework, SearchHandler, ActivateAlarm, SmartTester, SmartSounds, CustodyAlarm, SmartObservations and more!

Smart Airbags


Paid Resource

This is a paid resource, we are conducting the sale of it through Tebex. This is approved by FiveM and we have been in contact with them to confirm this sale is approved.

Find out more and purchase it here.


The airbags are automatically deployed on a vehicle, they can also be manually activated using the command below:

/airbag - This will activate airbags on your current vehicle, you must be the driver.

All airbags except ones activated manually will disappear after 50 seconds or when the vehicle is deleted, the delay can be configured in the client file easily.


  • Automatic Airbag Deployment - These will not deploy on a small crash, the vehicle must be sufficiently damaged to deploy the airbags, in which two will deploy - one for the driver and one for the passenger.
  • Deployment Sound - We’ve added a custom sound to the resource, ensuring realism when airbags are deployed.
  • Universal - These will work on almost every vehicle.
  • Manual Deployment - The /airbag command allows for manual deployment, enhancing RP on a scene.

Framework Integration - vRP / ESX / Others

  • Permission checks - You can easily edit the cl_airbag.lua file to add permissions or make changes.


  1. On line 3 of cl_airbag.lua, you can set the level of damage to detect, for an automatic deployment.
  2. On line 6 of cl_airbag.lua, you can set the number of seconds after airbags are automatically deployed before deleting.


  1. Purchase the resource here.
  2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
  3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
  4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.


London Studios are committed to ensuring high standard support is offered to all customers who have purchased this resource. Our support team will do our best to assist you, however in some circumstances we will be unable to assist, such as integrating it with a framework our support team may not be familiar.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to Smart Airbag and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people and seeing videos/screenshots of the plugin in action!


Take a look at some screenshots of the plugin in action!


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So for 11 quid I can have a prop spawn in front of my face when I crash, very cool


The model is a little too reflective in my opinion, however great idea.


We don’t appreciate sarcastic or unneeded comments on our post. If you don’t have anything constructive or positive to say, it’s best you don’t say anything at all.

London Studios



Thanks for the feedback, we will look into this issue.

London Studios

since when is it forbidden to give notice?
otherwise good job and good concept

hello I am using esx version and the airbag does not jump or with shocks or command



Please open a DM with us if you require support.

London Studios

Cool idea!

I am tempted to purchase this… But last time I purchased a script I was told to F off when asking for support seeing as the script was broken. Has support improved cause if so ill purchase right now


All support is given through the forum, you may be given support through the Discord server but nobody instructed you to join it. You were not told to F off by LondonStudios, as a sole person. For support on this and any future resources you should contact us through the FiveM forum.

This is a second post from you today once again stating that you were subject to a moment of rudeness and it is slightly tiring. Nobody is forcing you to purchase these resources, but if you so wish to - I thank you for that.

London Studios.

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet oh really cause if you read here one of your “support” guys told me to f off because I requested the updated version seeing as the one you sent was broken. You also stated you were planning on realesing an update because you yourself knew it was broken. But aii go off sis


The user you stated is not part of LondonStudios, he voluntarily gives support to members. If you do not wish to purchase the resources - we are not forcing you to.

However, it says clearly everywhere you should contact us on the forum via private messages for support, it says that:
A) On the post
B) On the tebex store
C) In a confirmation email

The fact you contacted us through Discord, means I cannot control the actions of others - whereas if you contact us through the forum you will always receive a response that is not rude, since I am the only one with access to this account.

If you choose to purchase any future resources we have created - I hope you enjoy using them.


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Hey will this work even for modded vehicles or do i have to configure every vehicle myself?

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This is designed to work universally on all vehicles they have a driver and passenger seat, no configuration is needed for vehicles.

London Studios

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Great idea and great script as ever, thank you LondonStudios! One question, how much are in $?


You are able to view on Tebex how much it will cost in USD before purchasing.


Hey just want to tell you the fxmanifest is wrong and the prop doesn’t work.
FIX: The prop_car_airbag.ytyp needs to be in stream and you can remove the

files {

and change:

data_file 'DLC_ITYP_REQUEST' 'data/prop_car_airbag.ytyp'


data_file 'DLC_ITYP_REQUEST' 'stream/prop_car_airbag.ytyp'

in your fxmanifest


You received an old version, please DM us for the latest one, we apologise for any inconvenience.