Slow Re-install/Update Cache Download time for Redm

Can anyone please explain why Cfx has the Slowest download times I’ve ever encounter since win3.1? Running an M2/Ryzen7/Fiber Optics/16gb ram… and no other Gaming Programs compare to these slow download speeds?

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I dont suffer from these “slow download speeds” you speak of with FiveM and there servers… perhaps its a you problem? do a speed check and make sure your internet is functioning as it should or if you are behind a VPN that could be causing an issue as well.

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Fiber Optics. Up/down 300+ speeds
No problems on other servers whatsover…
Is this a Firewall blocking the downloads(dunno)
Appreciate the Feedback on this thanks


Anything you download goes through an antiddos, if you download RedM or FiveM at a peak time then you may experience slow internet speeds.
As soon as you connect to a RedM or FiveM server, it is the 3rd party servers that are responsible for the internet speed and uptime of the server.
In general I don’t complain about the speeds, but I had a couple of time ago a download speed of 0.3mb (2.4mb/s) instead of 12.5mb (100mb/s) normally.

You can start a discussion about it, but it won’t change anything.

I assume that you are a player and use FiveM/RedM free services.
Bit of a shame that you will complain about something that is free.

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I’m a Patreon supporter. and I Donate to Every Redm/Fivem as much as possible as a pensioner… Thing is… Its not complaining to Ask “WHY” its telling a BIZ that they have problems that need looking into as it may be affecting those that Participate… and even those that would like to Support them by Donating too(like me)… if the service is slow… it doesn’t contribute to finding new clients?


Appreciate your responce tho… it does show you care in what your doing here? Just an FYi… nothing more ok?

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RedM is downloading using a peer-to-peer system as Rockstar isn’t hosting old executable versions themselves (like they are for GTA V), and it’d be illegal to host them on any infrastructure we control.


“a biz”?

“new clients”?

This is a community-run project, not a ‘business’ needing to ‘find new clients’.

Be that as it may, I found it disturbing to pre-judge anyone making any comment and try to get an Arguement going by being Insulting and Vindicitive… this point had to be made… The usa is NOT allowing people to speak openly and without prejudice(canadian here) which I find disturbing in a nation that cherish their freedoms
NOW… to the main question at hand… its an FYi only as I’m heavily into RP in the Redm communtiy at this time.This community that Use Redm, is finding it Disturbing that is should take so long to do a Cache cleaning… Thing is. this is a simple re-install and deleting of files that are out of place…It faster and SIMPLER to uninstall the whole thing in Redm and download a new Copy… is this. or should this be the way “Broken Files” need to be handled due to technical reason? Users like me dont understand much less care what the reason and why things happen. People are results orriented not techinical wizards like yourselfs. Don’t get me wrong. You people in Redm are doing great things… but this is an FYi… not an Insult… .take it this way please… and stop defending the great work your -doing ok? Build on what people tell you, don’t tear it apart like the last person tried by tossing insult troll like…thats wrong in way to many ways
Carry on …keep up the great work.
A simple, “No techinically possible at this time due to proprietary constraints” would have been sufficient as and answer ok?
Review what the last person commented on about my question, and I think you will get my point here?
BTW. no matter how you look at it, everyone works for someone else somehow? If you think you have No Clients your Sadly mistaken? We live in a Commercial world. Even if your NOT making $$ from the Donators/Clients/Users of Redm to cover costs. . somehow the $$$ comes from people that use Redm… even if its only sponsorship $$ thru the Companies that use CFX/REdm/Fivem and want the Coding thats being dev’s in this process
Circle of Life I call this.
Don’t be angry or upset. I’m behind where your going in Redm 100%. Openness is the Key word here in developing a community that will back you no matter what(Even if you have to put some Sugar on it to make it taste better)


One never needs to do any sort of ‘cache cleaning’, and even if so, only deleting some directories in it would suffice: not the entire cache/ directory.

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This info needs to be put in a HELP section please. and I thank you for offering it up :slight_smile:

is there any way to speed up the peer to peer download

Hello everyone!

I think i found the SOLUTION
I had the same problem “updating game storage…”
download was 0 MB/s and then skyrocketed to 20 once in like an hour. (left download overnight, got 13% in like 8-9 hrs)
I am from EU, used a VPN and connected myself to New York and now I’ve gotten to 73% in under an hour.
hey im walkin here

I tried this, I switched the VPN’s location to “New York” as well but it seems the update is still slow, is there any specifics you did? Did you use a specific VPN? I used “ExpressVPN” as for the VPN choice.