SLI with FiveReborn

I’ve added the fivereborn executable to gta’s SLI profile but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas whats up, and how to get it working?

You can’t. SLI is a driver hack that relies on a few specific circumstances to ‘work’ by chance, and project Λ sadly violates the constraints that the NVIDIA drivers have placed on their workarounds.

This can only be fixed by NVIDIA, but they of course will not support a third-party modification to an AAA game, as even as indie developer you can not contact them at all.

Really? Well no FiveReborn for me.

Actually i linked the Fivem.exe to the GTA5.exe in Nvidia inspector. Exact same scaling as in regular gta 5. Sorry people are passing around misinformation. 1080 sli.

Does NVIDIA have an API that allows for doing this programmatically?

Yeah you just link profiles. There is a bunch of videos on youtube on how to do it but it’s literally 3 clicks and it’s linked. Again, nvidia inspector. If you have fivem in your NVCP then you will have to remove that from there or it will run it as a separate application.