Sirens not working

Hi there folks. So I am currently trying to redo my server (I bought it through ■■■■■■■ Servers) and discovered an issue with the siren script I have. I have tried multiple scripts but that does not seem to help. I am currently using this vehicle pack (will be retexturing):

and this siren script (not working for my pack):

Any tips/tricks to solve it? I do not want to use ELS or the basic in-game siren button.

did you look at ELS FiveM

I do not wish to use ELS as it is an mod that is not yet stable as well as my vehicles are not ELS enabled. I just need a simple solution to a simple problem. Could be the carvariations or something?

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Right now it just has siren control like els

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For those vehicles you need ELS or they will not work… If your going to be using that siren control you have to have non ELS vehicles… Second… Get away from Shitadel ASAP! They have already been blacklisted once here and will be again… They are breaking the user agreement for FiveM

Contact their support division.