Simple ESX Menu Redesign with sound

Simple ESX Menu redesign with click sounds


I’ve been looking for some good minimal design for ESX Menu but I had no luck finding anything good. So I decided to redesign it myself and it was appreciated by the players of my server. So, I thought I should just release it for the public who need some good looking ESX menu without so many colors and big fonts. Here’s the simple one that I designed and also added sound in it when you are doing up/down/left/right on the menu. Have a look at this video:

Note: This ESX menu works with older version of ESX before the last major update. So I haven’t tested it on the latest ESX framework but I hope you guys can just use my resource’s CSS file to make it look the same in yours.

Download Resource (GITHUB)

If you like the design. Let me know in the poll. I’ll try to upload more resources in the future.

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Good job, need more people like you improving stuff like this.

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How’d you get the menu to appear in the middle? Tried middle-right and center-right etc but nothing seems to work. Only bottom-left or top-right, etc work.

it’s pretty simple


.menu.align-center {
	right: 25%;
	top: 25%;


.menu.align-center {
	right: 50%;
	top: 25%;

in esx_menu_default/html/css/app.css file


I meant more specifically for other scripts calling it but this still helps, thank you!

That looks awesome man. Nice redesign!

thanks for sharing very good

Nice, will use it.

very nice

Away from this topic, Can you please help me with any LS-CUSTOMS which can catch add-on vehicle’s customization?

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I can

Waiting for upload sir, or want me to contact you personally? and thanks for helping mate :slight_smile:

how to install xD

i get an error __resource.lua is missing. how do i fix it?

Could you do just bigger version of this?