Simple drift mod v1.1


  • Simple drift mod (like in Lambda Menu)
  • Press Shift to make drift
  • Press K to toggle driftmode on/off


- add Speedlimit
- add KeyToggle
- add ChatMessage
- change speed in kmh or mph


Optimized version
Direct or GitHub





Is it possible to set a custom handling on key press?

I do not think it works :slight_smile:

Its not the key i wanted to change, it was the handling it uses when key is pressed.
But thanks for the reply

sorry guy, i did’nt understand xD

No no no no!!!
There are no keys in FiveM at the minute… There are only controls! STOP DISTRIBUTING THE “KEY” TABLE!

Jesus… You can find a list of controls here, use them instead of the “keys” that @Sweyk_YFinc is saying to use.


Simple, yet effective!

Thanks for the release!

Work perfectly but when i spam the key, i can boost my engine car to 150% powerboost… ;(


I think it’s ok now :sweat_smile:

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i will try, thanks you! <3

can you make so its always on like in a drift server so you dont have to press anything

Hey @FoxXXL I have installed this mod on my server, and it was working great! But suddenly it stopped working, and I couldn’t do anything to get it back to work. What can I do?

I have it installed on the folders with the others mods:
/gta5-fivem/server-data/resources/simpledrift/, and I have already added the “start” to server.cfg

What can I try??

Thanks for reading and sorry about my english.

hi. i have addon drift car. so when user click numpad 9. its toogle for normal driving. what do i need to change in script?

is there a way to have this where you have it on and your dont need to press a button to drift and when it is off it is off.

i am making a server where you can drift and do street races. i am taking the idea of buying the cars and buys properties and added them to a drift/race server

Very cool script ! Thank you !

Is it possible to make it a command?

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can you do this so that this can only be set for certain cars?

This should work.

local vehicleClassWhitelist = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9}

Here are the Vehicle Classes:

Vehicle Classes:  
0: Compacts  
1: Sedans  
2: SUVs  
3: Coupes  
4: Muscle  
5: Sports Classics  
6: Sports  
7: Super  
8: Motorcycles  
9: Off-road  
10: Industrial  
11: Utility  
12: Vans  
13: Cycles  
14: Boats  
15: Helicopters  
16: Planes  
17: Service  
18: Emergency  
19: Military  
20: Commercial  
21: Trains  

Here is my Fork on this project: GitHub - VIRUXE/simpledrift: Drifting script