[SHOWROOM] Store Robberies

Shop Robbery for RedEMRP/VORP framework

Players can rob different stores in different cities, but the other side, the laws can react to these robberies. Once a player, who has ‘police’ job, checked in duty as offices in any Sheriff Offices, will receive a message while there is a robbery. Robbers must be well equipped, robbery is available only with a gun. Robbers must point at the store clerk, otherwise the guy on the other side can attack them. If the player or the store clerk is dead, the robbery ends and the police officers on duty will be alerted once again.

1. Features

  • 20 Store NPCs, all can be robbed. Valentine 2x, Rhodes 3x, Saint Denis 2x, Annesburg 2x, Van Horn 2x. Cornwall Oil Fields 1x, Blackwater 2x, Strawberry 2x, Tumbleweed 2x, Armadillo 2x

  • Robbery Timer, after a player robbed a store, others have to wait before they can again rob the same store.

  • Built-in Police Duty System. Players with police job can check in and out of duty. They will get a badge on their chest and a small icon next to the minimap.

  • Store Clerk Injury system. Once a shopkeeper dies, he will respawn in an injured version

  • Money for successful robberies depends on the numbers of police officers in duty. More police officers are in duty, the money, the Bandits can rob from a Store, will be more too.

  • Easy to edit config file. Create new robberies, change timers, texts, required officers, reward money and anything, best for beginners.

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132 € ? Really ?
Ok Good luck :wink:

Nice Script and work on this by the way :wink:

I would love to support more redm projects however that price is ridiculous in my opinion

Yes, I know the price is a little bit high, just like the tax and cuts unfortunately. But the customers will get support and free updates over time. I already have an idea for the v1.5 update. Thanks Sir, I think this script can be bigger and more complex.

You can find more scripts on my Tebex, lot of time and effort spent on them also, and they are cheaper.

Making High Prices scripts doesn’t help you :wink: I explain :

  • If people can afford more scripts, they can be more interested to play RDR
  • More players, more potential customer :slight_smile:
  • Better scripts for all
  • Greater Community

The goal, i think, is to expand RDR community, not to afraid new incomers to join the party.

After all, you put the price you want, but to be honest, it’ really really too much expensive. To me, a script have to never be more expensive than 30-35€ … but it’s my opinion :wink:

Anyway, like I said, Good Luck.

Yes theres just no where near the same attention as fivem, charging for the scripts currently while theres very small player base isnt going to help, and with high prices not many if any will support

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Great script! But the price is way too high, never gonna pay so much for a script like this.

Change log: Added VORP framework compatibility, server owners can set the framework in the config file

130€?!? :scream:

This script has been moved into legacy scripts due its complexity, and cant be purchased in the future. I will release later this month a separated police and robbery system. Those scripts will be cheaper and simpler., and more user-friendly.